Create a Sold Out Item Waitlist for Weebly

When products on your Weebly are sold out, you're missing out on shoppers interested in that product. With RestockNotify, you can quickly recover these customers once your product is back in stock.

Setting up a sold out product waitlist

Once you sign up for a RestockNotify account, follow the instructions to embed it on your Weebly site. Once this is done, your sold out products will automatically start showing our RestockNotify widget. Your shoppers will be able to add their email address via our widget, adding them to a waitlist. Once your product is back in stock, the shoppers on the waitlist will all be notified automatically - no manual work.

Below, is an example of our sold out product waitlist form that automatically shows up on your sold out Weebly products.

Try a weebly demo here

How does RestockNotify know if a product is out of stock?

In Weebly commerce, you can select the stock level for each product (and variant) or you can set a product to "unlimited" stock. If a product or variant is not unlimited and its stock level is zero, our widget will automatically display on the product or selected variant.

How does RestockNotify know when a product is no longer sold out?

Once you update the inventory or stock level for a product or variant, RestockNotify will automatically detect this and notify all customers on that product's waitlist within minutes - recovering those previously lost customers.

Want to setup a waitlist for sold out products?

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